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 CBSE Mathematics Sample Papers X SA 1 & 22
 Download latest Mathematics class 10th sample papers, chapter wise and full syllabus.
Sample Papers Prepared by Dev Anoop (Bathinda) and Others
 Constructions 29.01.2013Download
 Quadratic Equations 21.10.12,  updated 28.01.2013
 Arithmetic Progressions 24.10.12 Download
 Application of Trigonometry 10.11.12 Download
 Circles 28.10.12 updated 2.02.2013 Download
 Coordinate Geometry 29.10.12 updated 1.02.2013 Download
 Areas Related to Circles 30.10.12 updated 31.01.2013 Download
 Surface Areas and Volumes 08.11.12,  updated 29.01.2013
 Probability 01.11.12 Download
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 CBSE Sample Papers class X SA 1
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